Monday, November 30, 2009

I'll be past 300 threads this evening..

So with the 11 cards...I started the warping process. I am now close to 300 threads and have come to realize that this way is indeed faster and easier. I have the borrowed warping board next to the loom and I pass the ball of warp through the shed, turn the cards, pass the ball around the pegs of the warping board and back again, back through the shed, turn the cards again. Each pass makes two threads that we have guessed are about 5 yards long. The spacing is also much better with the this process so I'm curious to see how many threads I will use this time.

Rough hour count: 6 so far

Monday, November 23, 2009


Apparently, the part of the hole saw that my hubby needs to drill the holes in the loom went missing for a bit - but he says that he will drill the holes this week :) We'll see what happens...As soon as I can weave the last few inches and get the piece off the loom and wet finished - I will post pics.

While I'm waiting I have started the warping process for the next piece. I've decided that It's going to be wider so that I can make more things out of it. So far I have warped my inkle loom with 11 cards...why 11? I miscounted :) I wanted 10, but 11 is fine too. I have it all warped and have woven a couple of inches. I figure I will weave a few more inches and then start weaving in the warp threads using a borrowed warping board (which the hubby will have copied before you leave I promise!) so that the warp will start out at roughly 5 yards. I have decided that I'm going to bundle the warp threads in bundles of 30 to make it easier to move to the loom. This next piece is made of the same mystery fiber as the the first one (I think it's acrylic from the burn test I did) but a pretty mauve-like shade. This piece will also be tabby until I have a chance to do the proper loom modifications to do other weaves. Since I need to have the loom up and running by the 12th of December - I'm guessing that will be sometime after Winter A&S in January since I will probably be working on this next piece for the next 6 weeks or so due to all the Holidays.