Friday, April 23, 2010

Long time - No posts...

It has been crazy busy and the loom had to go on the back burner so that I could complete all the other projects that needed to be done.
Between Jan 15 and March 30 I had sewed:
1 14th century cote, complete with hand cast buttons courtesy of the Hubby.
2 pairs of hose
2 pairs of brais
1 Anglo-Saxon under dress
1 Anglo-Saxon over dress, complete with hand dyed silk trim and a little embroidery.
1 Anglo-Saxon Coif
1 Anglo-Saxon head scarf

I'm also almost finished with my Naalbound socks and already have an order for another pair for a friend...

I'll post pics soon :)

The loom should be going back up again soon and then I will have to do a lot of sorting out since it has been in storage...It also bugs me because I know what's wrong with it and there isn't a lot I can do except continue and just have a very widely woven piece...I'm guessing that by my third piece I will have most the kinks out of tabby and will move on to another weave....