Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy, busy, no weaving for me for a bit...

Well, I had hoped that after all the preparation for my elevation was completed that I would have a little more time to work on my loom. This is not the case. My husband and I decided it was time to start fighting in Crown Lyst since we were running out of excuses (we're in college, we're getting married, we're buying a house, we're going to have a baby, we have an infant...) Lorcann fought in Trimaris' summer Crown Lyst (Memorial Day weekend) for the first time...and won. We weren't too stressed about his fighting in this Crown because he had never done it and no one wins their first Crown Lyst...except Lorcann. So that being said - I will not have much time for loom pursuits for at least 6 months :)
I am however quite thrilled that I was able to attend Wadmal I and Wadmal II taught by Mistress Thora Sharptooth at Pennsic last week. It was wonderful to be able to take a hands on class and learn to warp 2/2 twill - along with discussing warp weighted weaving with someone who has done it a number of times. I wish that I could warp the loom and start right away - but at least I have hands on knowledge for when I do it later! I had so much fun in those classes and learning to use a spring lathe while I was there was a bonus for when I make my new loom with period tools. I would have attended Pennsic just for those 5-6 hours - they made my war!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Long time - No posts...

It has been crazy busy and the loom had to go on the back burner so that I could complete all the other projects that needed to be done.
Between Jan 15 and March 30 I had sewed:
1 14th century cote, complete with hand cast buttons courtesy of the Hubby.
2 pairs of hose
2 pairs of brais
1 Anglo-Saxon under dress
1 Anglo-Saxon over dress, complete with hand dyed silk trim and a little embroidery.
1 Anglo-Saxon Coif
1 Anglo-Saxon head scarf

I'm also almost finished with my Naalbound socks and already have an order for another pair for a friend...

I'll post pics soon :)

The loom should be going back up again soon and then I will have to do a lot of sorting out since it has been in storage...It also bugs me because I know what's wrong with it and there isn't a lot I can do except continue and just have a very widely woven piece...I'm guessing that by my third piece I will have most the kinks out of tabby and will move on to another weave....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My plan was to bring the loom to A&S this weekend. After the test run at Yule, I have had to re-think this plan. While it is portable, it is not as portable as I would like for such a trip. This was well illustrated by what happened transporting it to Yule. In one 30 minute trip 7 warp threads were broken. I tried to "fix" them at site as best I could so it could still be used at site. It worked, but I would not want to enter what is currently on there in any kind of competition :)
I am building a smaller, more period loom for events. My OCD just couldn't handle all of the glaring issues that I still need to address (i.e. water bottles - even in bags, are still not right, 2X4's, non-period fiber... and the list continues). The portable loom should be up and running fairly soon so I will have it out and about for people to play with...I'm really bummed that I'm not entering, but it's for the best.