Thursday, May 29, 2014

I rolled some up...and I can see things I need to work on.

So I've rolled it up some.  It really shows how much draw-in I have at the top which I'm not happy about.  But, since this is only the third time I've warped a wwl, I'm trying not to be to upset about it - just taking note and learning for next time.
My working hypothesis is that I need to weave the header band tighter.  This would cause the warp threads to be closer together and there would be less draw in.  Besides the very first bit, it's still fairly uniform.  I find it harder to stay uniform with the constant stopping and starting, but life makes it necessary.  I'll be done with the current warp by this weekend.  I'll be teaching a class on warp weighted weaving the following weekend - which means the second leg wrap will be started for sure. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Going to teach a class on warp weighted weaving soon!

I'm starting to get excited about the idea of teaching a class on warp weighted weaving at a local SCA event.  My plan is to hopefully have the Oseburg loom by then so I can have warps in various stages for people to try it out. 

I was thinking of having it set up like this:

One warp on the Oseburg loom so that people can try building the warp and can see the mechanics of it.

One warp sewn onto the Warp Weighted loom so then they can try it out.

We'll start by everyone doing a few passes on the Oseburg loom (hopefully) and then we can move on to the chaining, weaving of heddles, adding weights, and actually weaving.  I guessed that the class part may last about four hours - but I am sure that people will wander in and out as there are many classes happening at the same time.  I think I'll end up doing an overview to start out with and then just keep it going as people have time to pop in and out...and I have to make a handout.

Sometimes reading the stats for this blog are interesting...

I am glad that I started recording things on this blog again as I find that I enjoy looking at the stats and it makes me happy to think that people might be learning more about warp weighted weaving by reading about my meandering path of trial and error.

That being said...

You have to wonder what was happening on May 5, 2014 that 61 people looked at a blog about warp weighted weaving :)

I also find it interesting all of the people from different countries that have viewed the blog.

Here is the breakdown by country so far for the month of May:

United States
Dominican Republic
Czech Republic

Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm ready for my first "roll up"...

 Was able to get some weaving done the beginning of this week.  The weaving is approximately 27" inches long at this point - fairly even (there is one spot I'm not as happy with, but I'm trying to be better about just leaving it and not obsessing about it...) and about 2.5 inches wide...or so (again trying not to obsess..).

I rolled it up some to test and I'm pretty sure I won't have to drop the weights and tie them lower until the next roll up.