Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My plan was to bring the loom to A&S this weekend. After the test run at Yule, I have had to re-think this plan. While it is portable, it is not as portable as I would like for such a trip. This was well illustrated by what happened transporting it to Yule. In one 30 minute trip 7 warp threads were broken. I tried to "fix" them at site as best I could so it could still be used at site. It worked, but I would not want to enter what is currently on there in any kind of competition :)
I am building a smaller, more period loom for events. My OCD just couldn't handle all of the glaring issues that I still need to address (i.e. water bottles - even in bags, are still not right, 2X4's, non-period fiber... and the list continues). The portable loom should be up and running fairly soon so I will have it out and about for people to play with...I'm really bummed that I'm not entering, but it's for the best.