Wednesday, December 9, 2009

...and a new warp is born :)

The second warp is on the loom. I have to admit that I have been very lazy about pics this time around and will have to fix that :)
The header band has a warp of 57" - Yep...I went ahead and went for width. I think it was because I was reading on a website about the limitations of fabric width and how that effected how they made their clothes in early period. Umm. Yeah right!
So I am sure that I will have some drawing in...I am guessing that the finished product may be about 54 across...more than enough :)
I measured on the warping board and I should also have about 4 yards in length...I hope. We'll see how that goes.
I have decided to use water bottles for weights this time around for a couple of reasons:
1-They are a uniform weight
2-They are cheap
3-I don't have to make them
4-I need quite a few of them since this warp is wider and 700 threads
I sewed the warp to the beam last night and then separated the sheds for tabby. I just need to weight the threads and tie 350 heddles and I should be up and running!!

Total hours = 15 or so

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Greet said...

Are you going to try the weighted rod method this time? [nudge nudge]


YAY for saying "oh really?!" to the 'conventional wisdom' on widths!