Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's been a crazy year!

A whole year has passed.  Did I stop making things? No, but I sure didn't post anything.  Between a job change at work, kids, and life it's just been crazy.
I'll try and do a recap.
Due to a super active toddler in the house, setting up my loom has been difficult.  A lovely lady (Thanks Jen!) gifted me with a spinning wheel and I've been working on it to be able to produce warps in the future.  I'm a decent at drop spinning, but time is an issue and I honestly like using the wheel for the same reason I like weaving - it's soothing.
Other than spinning, the majority of my projects have been sewing.
Garb has been seen for family and friends.
I'm almost finished with a men's Elizabethan hat.  While looking at late period things...I got distracted by some drawn thread/pulled thread work.  Made a hanky...started a 2nd :)
I'll hopefully be posting pictures of these various projects soon, as well as pictures from a warp weighted weaving class that I taught last year and one I'll be teaching this weekend. I'm still only working with one heddle bar, but I feel ready to work on harder patterns now that I have a firm grasp on the process and mechanics.
Talk to you all soon!

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