Thursday, November 19, 2015

Some additions to the Coronation clothes...

Do you ever start a project and realize you could easily go on for months without stopping, but there's a due date and you have to finish whether you want to or not?  That's what it felt like for Ardien and Lisa's clothes.  So...I took them back and added some more things. 

Mainly finished some stitching on Lisa's dress. Added 14 hand drawn triskeles, embroidered in blue silk using split stitch and satin stitch.  I don't profess to be an expert embroidered - I think I'm soundly in the "she tried real hard" category, but they came out pretty well.

 I also added some additional hand stitching around the neck of Ardien's tunics.  I used a stitch called Cable Chain stitch as it looked like a Knight's chain to me.  I used silver and blue silk.

Given my time frame and the parameters personally and artistically that I had to work in, I'm pretty happy without how they turned out over all.   I could still keep going, but I'm happier with the additions and they wanted to wear their clothes :)

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