Sunday, December 6, 2015

Looming on the field ;)

Yesterday I was able to head out to an event and just hang out weaving and spinning a little on the side of the field.  It was fun.  The warp that the class built a couple months ago is a little wonky (the tension is a little off), but I still managed to weave about a foot while I was out there. It's having a draw-in problem that I suspect is due to inconsistent tension when the warp was card woven. Regardless,  it was nice to just weave and chat with people.  I like to explain how the loom works and I hope there will be more people joining me in the future.
   I was reminded of the old problem of dissatisfaction that people who make things often face.  I carry around various pieces that different classes have woven or I have made for practice.  I don't use them for anything as they are just practice in my book.  One woman really liked them and wanted to know what I planned to do with them. She really wanted to use one as a bag strap.  Since I had no plan for it, I gave it to her. Because they are practice pieces, I considered them inferior. She's not the first person to ask, but most everyone else is a friend and I thought they were just being nice - Lesson learned.

Yes...I'm in the background.  I'm lucky that Gabriel is so adorable so I have a picture :)

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