Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weaving update...

I am now at 2.5 yards. I wove a few inches last night and then rolled up as much as I could to see if that last .5 yard is to be or not. It looks like it will happen. I am not going to take off the weights again as it is not worth it for the amount of weaving that it will add at this point - especially since the tension is a little off so close to the weights. I may modify the loom a bit so I can weave closer to the weights by adding another set of holes so I can move down the heddle bar, but that is about it.
I'm ready to have this off the loom for many reasons...
1 - I want to make things with the fabric (ok this one is obvious)
2 - I want to get started on the next piece so it's ready for people to use at the Novice Faire at Yule.

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