Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Playing catch up/pictures owed...

I owe some elevation outfit pictures and so I'll post those first.
My elevation outfit was late Anglo-Saxon and completely documented.  My colors are green and gold and so I choose the shades of green and gold linen that I used because they were the colors that matched colors known to exist in period from the Regia Dye Project.  The dresses were sewn together with a blue contrasting linen thread - this was symbolic (as well as period decoration) in that Lorcann's colors are blue and silver (I sewed his Knighting clothes with green thread).  The dresses were sewn entirely by hand using the documented stitching technique of sewing the garment together using running stitch, then because it's linen, going back and felling all the seams.  The trim on the dress is blue silk, again taken from the Regia Dye Project, and accented with gold silk embroidery thread using a stem stitch. 

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