Thursday, September 3, 2009


It works!! I made fairly even tabby!!!
It took some messing around with the tension still and I learned a number of things....

1-The headerband is much more important that I previously thought...I could have saved myself a lot of work had just done one :O)
2-The heddles I knitted got progressively smaller as I worked (they looked the same when looking down them, but when I stood on a step ladder and looked down I could see what happened. I'm thinking about doing individual ones next time. I think because the heddles get progressively smaller it makes the top of the weaving uneven. I will have to see as I continue whether this problem rights itself or I need to adjust the heddles.

See how close the threads had to be moved to get an even tabby.
I think it's about 30inches across now.

I am using a light taupe colored weft so I can clearly see what is happening :)

From this distance it looks light blue.


Greet said...

Fantastic! Are you still having to beat hard on every pick (row)?

Grainne said...

Yep :)