Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm going to be less vague about Heddle knitting :)

So...I decided that after reading my last post that I should explain how to knit a heddle. I think that chaining the warp is pretty easy to explain (just like crochet chaining - but pick up one of the warp threads inside each stitch), but knitting the heddles is a little more complicated....
Step one - Fill a small shuttle with thread that you want to use to make heddles. I used a contrasting thread to make it easier to see. Starting on the left side of the loom, tie the end to the heddle rod.
Step two - To make it easier, you or a helper should bring the back threads between the front threads so that they are easier to reach. We used a glave to hold them forward.
Step three - Pass the shuttle under the heddle rod, around the thread (left to right), over the top of the heddle rod.

At this point it gets a little more complicated.

Step four - While holding the shuttle in you right hand, grab the loop that has formed around the heddle rod with your left. Twist the loop towards you so that the loop is made into a figure eight shape. Then pass the shuttle through the part of the eight that is closest to you (again from left to right). This will tie a kind of slip knot.
Step five - Adjust the tension and the heddle (loop) size.

Congrats - you have knitted one heddle...

The hardest part is keeping all the heddles relatively the same size. I have a few ideas on how I will do this in the future...but I need to test them out.

The next time I have someone around that can take pictures of my hands I will take a picture of each step...


Greet said...

Argh, we should have thought of taking pictures as we went.

(See, yesterday was a "things will go wrong today" day, for me, after all!)

I'm so glad you got your heddles redone and the sheds show up correctly! How long did it take you to do the heddles again?

Grainne said...

I didn't think of it until around 10pm when I was still working on the heddles. I'll probably have Troy take the picks sometime in the next few days...

How long...Hmmm. It's hard to say because I stopped for dinner etc. But I know that started working on them after you left and I finished completely with all the heddles and loom adjustments by 11pm.