Thursday, September 3, 2009

Making progress...

So, after weaving those 5 passes and realizing that something was not quite right - it was time to ask some questions and tinker with the loom a bit.
The first thing that I did was add more weight...a lot more weight. I added 12oz to each thread bundle and...Viola! The sheds open much better :) If only everything was that simple...

The next thing I did was to ask some questions on the wwloom list and see what others had to say about it. The response I got was very helpful. The first thing address was about even tabby...My loom should be doing an even tabby - I was just expecting a warp-faced weave and so was making it happen. It was recommended that I use a space chain (similar to the warp chaining) at the top since I didn't do a header band. I put one of these in place - which was no small task since I had already added all that weight I couldn't just take down the header beam anymore. Instead I spend a couple of hours staning on top of a step ladder. As soon as I started I could tell that it was going to help a lot.
The next thing was the heddles was suggested that the next time I use hair bands every couple of inches to keep the heddles from moving. But, since I had already knit the heddles, it was suggested I tie a heavier weight thread every couple inches to keep them from migrating. I haven't done this yet, but I may if they start to migrate too much.

Lastly I asked about shuttles...I was planning on using a ball of thread simply because I did have a big shuttle...and was told that was absolutely fine - shuttles tend to get stuck in the warp threads :)

So - now I am to the stage that I can actually weave. I may get some done in the next few day, but we are going out of town this weekend so time is at a premium...and I may have to wait until Sunday or Monday.

The extra weight added. I added soda cans in brown paper bags because I haven't made anymore clay weights yet.
Perhaps I need to barter with a person that likes working with clay more than I.

The spacer chain that I added to help it stop being so warp faced.

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