Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Making progress...things learned.

Now I have about 18 inches woven. I'm finding this:
1-It's hard to make sure your edges are even when you are looking up.
You can see where I spent a lot of time on the ladder = even selvege edge
You can see where I was able to easily the edges = even selvege edge
However, there is a section between these two that is not 100% perfect. I got it a little too tight on the left side. It bugs me, but not enough to un-weave it. I just need to remember it for next time. I refuse to stress about this piece because it's a learning piece. If I was entering this weaving in a competition that would be a different story. However, I already have a whole list of things that I want to make from it, so I'm not that worried. Can you tell?
Who will see the uneven edges when it's been cut up and made into things? :)
2-Don't strum the loom too hard...the warp threads don't like it...


Greet said...

Uh oh, did you break a warp thread?

Go you! - your understanding is really advancing!

Grainne said...

Yep...Lucky for me I was able to tie it back together with a small knot and have already wove past it...I have almost two feet of weaving....My biggest problem now is keeping the selveges where I want them - my OCD wants to re-weave...my common sense says that no one will see the issues I see when I've cut it up and sew it into other things...