Sunday, September 6, 2009

Teaching others...

So now that I have a basic understanding of how this works...I want others to try it! The only other person that has been near the loom since it has been up and running is my he was the first victim :)
The conversation worked like this...
Me - "Honey I want you to try weaving on the loom..."
Him - "What? Why? I don't want to mess it up!"
Me - "You won't mess it up - I'll be standing right here..."
Him - "Why do you want me to do this?"
Me - "Because I want everyone to have a better understanding and appreciation for how much work went into making cloth..."
Him - "Ok"

He tried it :)
His words were "This takes a lot more work and time than I thought..."

Yep. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is why I want anyone who would like to - to be able to give it a try....

So now I am really hoping that I can finish weaving the piece on the loom by the end of the month.

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